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Supporting those shaping the future of the drone industry

We are a network of drone industry experts, engineers and former regulators dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complexities of regulatory frameworks, investment and funding.

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Guiding the industry

The story behind UASolutions

UASolutions was founded in 2021 by Nathanel Apter, former regulator at the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). Often regarded as one of the most forward-thinking aviation authorities in the world, his work at the FOCA helped establish guidelines and best practices for numerous aspects of drone regulation around the world today.

After leaving the FOCA, Nathanel created UASolutions with the aim of enabling all stakeholders to enter the drone industry through airborne operations and to democratise access to airspace. His passion for the industry is driven by the huge potential of drone technology in areas such as logistics, data collection, crop spraying, transport and entertainment.

At UASolutions, our mission is to unlock the power of new and innovative technologies through regulatory guidance. We help companies better understand existing and emerging regulatory frameworks and potential funding opportunities to make their drone flights a reality.

Our team

The story behind UASolutions

Nathanel Apter

CEO and Founder

Schewach Bodenheimer

Executive Assistant

Clothilde de Chérancé

Drone Regulation and Compliance Consultant

Enejda Prifti

Regulatory and Compliance Consultant

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Noe Javet

Software Developer
and GIS Engineer

Olivier Thévenoz

Website Developer