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Drones Conformity

To test or sell your drone commercially, you’ll need to meet cerain standards and prove compliance. UASolutions can guide you through the requirements and the respective application process.

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Class Marking and Remote ID

We’ll guide you through the requirements and activities to meet the Class Marking or Remote ID requirements to bring your drone to the commercial market.

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M2 or 2511 Means of Compliance

Drones designed to fly in the specific category often are required to have either a parachute or kill switch that meets the M2 or 2511 Means of Compliance.

EASA Design Verification

We can support those looking to undergo or are preparing for the EASA Design Verification (DVR).

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Drone compliance

Ensuring your drone complies with the acceptable design regulation and standards.

“We are grateful for the services provided by UASolutions! Nathanel has a great experience in the field and he is capable of taking off our shoulders an incredible amount of work, not only by redacting documents with a maximum professionalism, but also by discussing with people and managing stakeholders.

The value for money for UASolutions services makes it an obvious choice for all work that you cannot do internally, and more.”

Manu Lubrano

CEO and Co-Founder at INVOLI

“UASolutions provided us with invaluable advice and a perfect grasp of the subject as part of our SORA application procedure. The expertise in this new EU regulation on drones enabled us to calmly produce a complete, personalized and innovative dossier on various aspects, enabling us today to pursue our activities in an urban environment in complete safety and with possibilities that correspond to our needs. We appreciated their availability and flexibility throughout this adventure!”

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Frédéric Giroud

UAS Accountable Manager,
Land Registry, City of Fribourg