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Financing support

We regularly support aviation-focused businesses in Switzerland to get approval for special project co-financing of up to 80% with the BV87 Special Financing Scheme.

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Funding for Projects (BV87 Specialfinancing)

If you have a project in Switzerland that is designed to improve safety, security or environmental protection in aviation, you may be eligible for co-funding up to 80% from the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

UASolutions is specialised in such funding applications and offers a full range of support in order to obtain co-funding from the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation.

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Some considerations

Projects are generally assessed in terms of their effectiveness for aviation safety, security or environmental protection and their relevance to the FOCA’s strategy.


The co-financing rate is usually up to 80%. However, it is generally proportional to the added value of the overall project in terms of safety, security or environmental protection.


Projects need to be submitted annually in November.


UASolutions will guide you through all administrative procedures and help you obtain the highest possible funding.


Projects that are usually eligible for co-financing by the FOCA (non-exhaustive list) typically include:

  • Development of a new, more environmentally friendly energy management or propulsion system
  • Design of collision avoidance systems such as Detect and Avoid systems
  • Improvement of infrastructure to enhance safety at airports, aerodromes or heliports
  • Training of personnel in the aviation industry
  • Development of technologies to reduce noise pollution from aircraft
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Financing support

We’ll help your start-up gain special funding to support the further development of the Swiss drone industry and ecosystem.

“We are grateful for the services provided by UASolutions! Nathanel has a great experience in the field and he is capable of taking off our shoulders an incredible amount of work, not only by redacting documents with a maximum professionalism, but also by discussing with people and managing stakeholders.

The value for money for UASolutions services makes it an obvious choice for all work that you cannot do internally, and more.”

Manu Lubrano

CEO and Co-Founder at INVOLI

“UASolutions provided us with invaluable advice and a perfect grasp of the subject as part of our SORA application procedure. The expertise in this new EU regulation on drones enabled us to calmly produce a complete, personalized and innovative dossier on various aspects, enabling us today to pursue our activities in an urban environment in complete safety and with possibilities that correspond to our needs. We appreciated their availability and flexibility throughout this adventure!”

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Frédéric Giroud

UAS Accountable Manager,
Land Registry, City of Fribourg